The Gift of Hospitality

I don’t think that I have the gift of hospitality like some people I know but I really love to have people in our home. I love to make people feel welcome, comfortable, and loved and I love to do that by feeding people. Come stay and I’ll do all those things 🙂

We have some friends in Spokane that we stay with most the time as we’re passing through and they roll out the red carpet. I mean really roll it out. Emily does up personalized gift baskets, fancy dinner and always serves breakfast. She is better than Martha Stuart and they have hearts of gold, love God and are great company so it makes the visit incredibly refreshing. I aspire to be like her really but realistically know I’ll never get there.

I also have a friend who lives in Vancouver, WA and the week we moved in to our new house here she called and said she was bringing dinner. It’s not like we live next door. She had to drive 30 minutes one way to bring us dinner. And she went all out. I put a picture to show you all. She made a delicious pasta dish, incredible bread, veggies, the best chocolate covered strawberries I think we’ve ever had and a cake that was baked in that pot with a flower in the top. How adorable is that?!  We felt so honored and blessed that she went out of her way to serve us like that.

Those are only a couple examples of how we have been served by great people who are gifted in hospitality. I want to be that way. I want to be someone who goes out of their way to serve others, even if it’s only with a batch of cookies.

I think it’s on my mind because all my family is coming today. I pray that I can serve them well, make them feel loved and welcome and that God uses it to bless their hearts.

How have you served others or been served? Do you have any fun hospitality ideas for me?

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