Fruitful Ministry

One thing that is so encouraging in ministry is to see students come to college, have their lives impacted by Christ and ministry and then turn around and influence others.

This week we had an MSU grad stay with us for a couple nights because he was in town being trained in how to raise his financial support for being an intern with Campus Crusade back at MSU. We had the opportunity to have him share his presentation with us and it was such a joy. He was invited by a couple guys living in the dorms to the weekly meeting, got involved in a Bible study in the dorms, was discipled by a student who actually went with us to Croatia the first time, and then began to lead his own Bible studies. He was in Matt’s leaders bible study on campus when we were there. Through all of those things God gripped his heart for students and now he wants to intern for the next two years at MSU. It’s individuals like that, stories like that, that we get to see God orchestrate that keeps us fired up to give our lives full time to this ministry. I know even if we didn’t see fruit we would be passionate about what we do but it sure does fan the flame to see some fruit. Praise the Lord! Now we’re just praying that the Lord will raise up a movement in Portland where we see peoples lives changed by Christ.

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