Faith, Fear and Love

Why take the risk and adopt? That’s something that I think about often, get asked about and one of the reasons we were so hesitant to adopt in the states honestly. The thought of going through the process and having a birth mom change her mind is one of the hardest things to go through I think and a huge fear. Whenever we meet with the adoption agency, a lawyer, or the case worker they remind us that there are no guarantees that all will end well. At times that almost paralyzes me with fear but in the end is anything ever guaranteed to end “well” or with a “happy” ending? We don’t really have control of things anyway, not even with our own biological children. God asks us to have faith in Him, not be consumed by fear and keep an open hand with everything on a daily basis and so that’s what we’re doing with this situation as well.

I think that the thing that really sealed the deal for me was sitting in the room during the ultra sound. Seeing the baby, our baby, on the screen, hearing the heartbeat for the first time, and then finding out that it was a boy was incredible. We love that baby even before it’s in our home and that too is motivating us to walk this journey by faith. This is a bizarre process but one that we feel like is only a journey God could put together.

Don’t get me wrong, I know things could get hard and as some have cautioned, “not end well.” If that happens then I’ll be angry and heartbroken and not appreciate the journey at that point but I’d rather take the chance then not take it at all. Most things in life worth pursuing take risk, walking by faith, fighting fear and clinging to the love of Christ.

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