Birthday Blessings Abound

(This post is part of my day today. It’s more for my memory bank when I want to look back one day because I know the older I get the less I’ll remember.) 

This past week has been a hard one in light of news of a former student being killed in an avalanche and another friends news of returning cancer. Each week seems to bring news like this in one way or another so I’ve had many moments of just pure thankfulness for each day. It is not a given, but a gift.

So today as I awoke, another year older, feeling my age and a need for a massage, I also just felt grateful for a new day to live the life God’s given me. Two kids up early eagerly awaiting my groggy presence, a husband who’s waiting to take my breakfast order. Literally take my order at my bedside; we ordered breakfast through a new app called postmates from Pine State Biscuits. It was delivered before I could even rouse myself from my stupor. There it was, hot and delicious on my table in all of it’s fattening, fried, gravy covered glory. Whoever thought this up was a genius. And, you can track it while they pedal their bike, yes bike, to your door. Sweet glory I love Portland.

Sweet notes from my family and my surprise birthday gift from my husband, parents and aunt was a membership to the gym. Before you think he’s trying to suggest I need to work on my physique (although after that breakfast I need a cardio workout for sure), I’ve been wanting a gym membership for sooooo long but it’s a luxury we could not afford. It was a lavish gift. It was hardly 8 am and I already felt overwhelmed with thanks.

After taking Isaac to school the traffic was so bad that I knew I would sit in traffic for 30 minutes or I could re-route to my favorite park and spend 30 minutes wandering through the beauty and enjoying the unexpected detour. Today was a reminder that not all traffic jams or detours bring bad things.

flower instacollage

I had scheduled a massage and chiropractor appointment that was well overdue. It actually left me with a brutal headache but the sweetest part was that I got to have an awesome spiritual conversation with my massage therapist. Another reminder that God is always at work.

As I sat outside of ballet today, reading my book, soaking up the sun, a dad came out to play his guitar while he waited for his daughter. It was random, totally Portland, and a fun little musical perk for the day. Nothing like a little birthday serenade, even though he had no idea it was my birthday.

My husband spoiled me all day and put on a feast of sausage, corn, salads, fruit and chocolate. I’m definitely a European at heart; beer, brats and chocolate are my favorite. It felt like summer and all things good.

birthday dinner collage

I know that Facebook can be annoying and not helpful but it can also be great. As I scrolled through all the birthday messages, seeing the faces of people that have blessed my life and intersected it at different times and places makes me so grateful. Between the Facebook messages, texts, surprise flowers and cards from friends there is no way to walk away from this day without feeling loved.

I don’t know what paths I’ll find myself on this next year or if the scenery will be beautiful each day but I do know that each day is a gift (even when it doesn’t always feel like it) and I’m especially grateful for the one I just had.


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