Family Fun Dry Erase Frames

Today at my MOPS group we did a craft that can be used all year long. If you’re like me you’re always looking for good ideas, and this was a great one.

Dry Erase Family Fun Frames

It was fun, easy, super practical and makes a great gift to give to someone. (My friend Kristi gave me one for my weekly menu and I use it weekly, well almost weekly. I don’t always plan well.) All you need is a frame (these were from IKEA), cute paper, some cut-outs (or jewels, buttons, etc.) to decorate with, glue and some letters.

I used the first letter for Mom, Dad, Jenna, and Isaac. This can be used to let one person pick a family fun activity we could do together that week. You can rotate through each person picking throughout the month or maybe because we have all that summer free time coming up we’ll do all of them in the course of one week.

You could also do one for a weekly menu plan, kids homework during the year, date night ideas, etc.

mops summer craft

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