Tips for Frantic Free Holidays

The table is barely cleared of Thanksgiving dinner and so many people are already rushing out the door to shop for the next holiday (and the best one in my book), Christmas. I was not among the crowds shopping after Thanksgiving but I have in the past so no judgement here. Every year I hope that the holiday season won’t be frantic and I think every year we’ve gotten better at making that a reality. I’ve decided to limit Pinterest so I won’t be tempted to craft every holiday kids ornament or bake every treat I see. It makes me sane that way. And we all know the house runs better when the mama is sane.
Here are some great tips that I found in the MOPS magazine. I thought they were very helpful so wanted to pass them on to you and they were written by a fabulous mom that lives near Portland.
Frantic Free Holidays
Accept that you cannot do it all.
Pick a few things that you value and want
to be true of your holiday season and do those.
Less can be more.
Begin or end days with moments of quiet.
Light a candle to remember the light that came
into the world, sip a cup of coffee, pray and listen.
In the stillness release the burdens
of too busy and not enough.
Remember the grown-ups.
Schedule a date night,
go with a friend to coffee or dessert.
Limit gifts or consider making inexpensive presents.
Maybe even consider giving the gift of time
or a shared experience with a friend or loved one.
Remember those in need.
Have an attitude of gratitude.
Give to a Compassion Child or foster child.
Make bags for the homeless with some necessities, etc.
**These tips were taken from the MOPS magazine from Ashley Larkin
Here’s hoping we can continue this Advent season like we have started it, standing back and enjoying the peace, beauty and be present for to experience it.
isaac admiring candle

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