Yoga in a Park


There’s a first time for everything. My wonderful husband basically kicked me out of the house last night to go to yoga, in a park. It had been advertised on the Nextdoor website (Which you all should get your neighborhoods to join. It’s awesome.); free yoga in the park on Tues. evenings. Now, I love yoga and I love being outside on a beautiful evening, but I make fun of those people honestly. I’m not a fan of doing most things publicly, especially looking ridiculous in a yoga pose. But for the sake of being adventurous, kinda desperate for some exercise and really desperate for free exercise I went. Jenna even decided to go with me.

I noticed a few stares and sly smiles from people sitting near by but mostly people don’t really think much of it. It’s Portland after all and anything goes. Jenna did amazing and we both loved it. When we left Jenna said, “That was so fun, we’re coming next week right?” Looks like we may have found a new Portlandia activity to participate in.


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