Closing the Deal

Well folks, it’s nothing short of a miracle. We finally signed papers on our house today, 19 days short of 2 years. On Monday it will officially close and become ours. That’s right, 1 year and 348 days after we put our offer in and it was accepted we are finally closing this deal. We are now the proud owners of a fabulous yellow bungalow.


As you can see from the picture we hung a fun swing in the tree that the kids are loving, my strawberry plants are taking over the flower bed and the rose bush is about to take over the whole right side of the house. We also didn’t waste any time tearing out the ugly, crooked chain link fence that was out front. The house projects list just got really long, our dreams are many and well the money is not plentiful so those dreams will be slowly realized. But we could not be any more excited about the fact that we now own this home. It really is the craziest provision from the Lord yet when it comes to our housing. I have no idea why God allowed it to take almost two years to get to this point but I do know that there have been many hidden blessings in it that we needed and wouldn’t have had if it had closed right away. I have come to experience time and time again that God is never in a hurry, He can’t be rushed, His timing is perfect and it never goes along with my idea of how things should be done. And thankfully so. This is why God is God and I am not.

To top off the gift of signing papers today my son decided to use the toilet again and didn’t pee in the middle of the floor once. Seriously people, singing praises today.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Maybe by Sunday the shock of the housing situation will finally sink in.


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