Well, That Was a Doozy

Today was an all or nothing kind of day. It had its shining moments and its well, not so shining moments (really another s word comes to mind if I’m honest).

The first 4 days of potty training were going great, very few accidents and I could feel myself welling with pride at the progress Isaac had made so quickly. Then yesterday, he must have sensed the relief I was feeling at how well it was going and decided he’d burst my little pride bubble with complete obstinance. He would no longer go to the potty willingly but only by shrieking, he would hold it in and 2 minutes later he would piss away my pride quite literally in the middle of the floor. Oh the unbalanced hormones of this mama and a stubborn, pants wetting child do not make a good combo. This battle ended yesterday to cleaning out pants full of poo and I vowed that today would somehow be better. But alas, it was not. After the last “accident” in his pants after approximately 5 minutes of sitting on the potty declaring he didn’t have to go, I called it quits. I would rather him wear diapers for another year than despise his sweet little face after every stubborn, “I will pee in the middle of the floor because I can” moments. If anyone wants to come potty train my child I will pay you.

The enjoyable part of my day was picking blueberries for a few hours with friends. It was quite delightful and refreshing but then you return home and you have to store them all and that takes time. Being frugal comes at a price. Although I love picking berries, picking them to store for the year can be stressful. Yes I do this to myself, and in the end I think it’s worth it but man it’s hard work (and clearly by the expression on Jenna’s face below, serious business as well).


After accident number 3 today I decided we’d make smoothies. A nice beverage should help right? I put half the ingredients in, put the blender on the base, plugged it in and to my surprise the switch was on. Berries and ice went flying out of the blender at top speed. I turned it off frantically and after Isaac realized we were okay he laughed and said, “mom, use the lid” and handed it to me. Thanks for the comic relief and good advice little man. You bet I counted my lucky stars the liquid wasn’t in there.

After dinner I shredded some zucchini from the garden to make bread and was shredding the rest to freeze for later and my handy dandy salad shooter that I use all the time made a dreadful grinding noise and died a painful death. While that garage sale find from 12 years ago has served me well, it left me with a job half done and another thing to add to the list to buy or replace.

I found myself overwhelmed with the to-do list, the emails to return, the responsibilities I have and the children that are making me crazy today. But in the midst of it I also sensed the Lord saying “Just breathe. Take a moment. Choose joy. Choose Me.”

This is life isn’t it? A whole lotta crazy most days.  A mix of good and bad, precious moments and really pissy ones. I’m so thankful that God’s mercies are new every morning and that tomorrow is a new day. New beginnings. New graces. New joys. Moments to stop and breathe. Moments to stop and choose joy.

3 thoughts on “Well, That Was a Doozy”

  1. Hang in there Jody! I can totally relate with you on your potty training experience. My first was a cinch and my second has been difficult. I will be praying for you.

  2. As my friend says, “Eat the manna. There’s just enough for today.” And more practically, when I find myself overwhelmed, I list the things that MUST be done TODAY. Then the things that can wait a little, then the things that really aren’t pressing at all and can squeeze in whenever. It helps me better focus my energy, accomplish the necessaries, and feel more peaceful about the rest of the damn list. Because you KNOW I keep adding to it!

  3. Oh potty training…I would’ve paid someone to train Emma! She did almost the same thing with the first few days going great and then screaming and tantrums after that any time I mentioned sitting on the potty :/. Will be praying for you and Isaac!


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