CSU Conference 2013 Kick-off

Our work conference kicked off last night with a fantastic carnival. It’s the first year we’ve actually enjoyed it because we have kids that can participate now. It was so fun to see the joy and excitement on their faces throughout the evening. Even after 7 times on the Dragon Wagon they were begging for more. Here are a few fun pictures of the evening.

photo-88 photo-92 photo-93 photo-89

Today was the first day of official meetings. Honestly there was enough for me to think through in the first session that I could go home, but there are 7 days of speakers, teachings, seminars, and things to sharpen and challenge us as leaders. I better buckle in. I’m thankful for the leadership of the organization that we work for.



Jenna really wanted to come with us to the first session so we let her join us. When it was over she said she LOVED it. It’s such a blessing that she can come to a work conference with us, worship God with us and see a bigger picture of what we’re involved in. There are about 6,000 staff here from around the states and internationally. It’s an amazing thing to be in one room together, learning and singing together.

This afternoon Matt and I got to do giveaways together at the Bogger/Author Meetup. We had a great time doing something like that together and meeting more authors and bloggers. We were in the presence of some amazing talent.


If you want to listen in to any of the sessions you can watch along with us LIVE. Let me know if you’re able to watch. Have a great week!


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