Like Being in Cold Water…..

I did it. I finished my first two classes here in Colorado and did fairly well. When Jenna realized that I was being graded she said, “Well, you better get an A. Or I guess a B is okay too.” Um, thanks child of mine. How does she even know that you get A’s? She was just in kindergarten and didn’t get graded like that. She then went on to tell me that a C was not okay and that an F was REALLY bad. I hope she won’t be too disappointed if in one of my classes I did end up getting a B. Although they grade on a much steeper level here and you actually have to get a 93 to get an A.

I decided that taking classes was much like getting in cold water when I go lap swimming. When you first get in you want nothing more than to get out. Your body says, this is bad, very bad, get out quickly. But when you stay in the water, start moving and finish the swim you actually can feel quite good when the workout is all done. I don’t know if “feeling good” is how I feel yet, I have another class that started today and it’s more difficult because it involves speaking in front of people. This makes me sweat profusely, not exaggerating. I’m going to have to do more laundry as a result of this class.

And because I’m tired here are some other fun facts that have happened this week in bullet points:

black widow in grapes

  • We found a black widow spider in our grapes this week. Sick!! Apparently they are on the rise in grapes because they are using less pesticides. We looked it up, (it’s on the internet so it’s true). Our housemates bought them at Sam’s Club/Costco so beware if you’re a grape eater. Personally I think I’d rather be poisoned by pesticides, but I really hate spiders.
  • Isaac has a new habit at night, he gets up and destroys the room throwing diapers, wipes, trash, whatever he can find about the room, all while stripping himself of a diaper. (He will hate me for sharing this one day but I’ll just consider this an early payback of humiliation.)
  • Isaac took off his poopy diaper this week after going to bed, attempting to change it and “be helpful.” After hearing the ruckus we walk in to find poop on the floor. I clean up nasty poop. Thinking I had cleaned it all up, walked back into the room and stepped in some that I missed. Um, I did not say poop at that moment but another word. And Jenna slept through it all, 4 ft. away.
  • It has been suffocatingly hot here this week. Yesterday it was 99 degrees. Thank goodness for the pool and air conditioning. I hate to say it but all I want is one cool rainy day. (Thinking about rain makes me miss my house, picking berries, from my own front yard and around Portland, my neighborhood and friends.)
  • Isaac told me I was beautiful this morning and then this afternoon when we were looking at pictures of him and I he said he didn’t know who I was. Um, what is wrong with my children?!
  • Jenna lost another tooth, the tooth fairy forgot to come, she cried and then she forgave the fairy the next day when the dollar showed up. It’s hard for the fairy to find her when she’s not at home. Stupid fairy.
  • Jenna then took that dollar and gave it to a project the kids are collecting money for in Burkina Faso. Her giving heart was so amazing to me, and a little convicting. She gave all her money she has here away. I have much to learn.
  • This is what we do when it’s 99 degrees, get Sonic happy hour drinks and go to the pool.


This weekend Matt and I get to celebrate our 12 year anniversary. 12 years! I can’t wait!

Happy weekend to you all!

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