Weekend Wanderings

CSU riverThere’s not much to report around here during the week because all I do is go to class, do homework and survive the week. I’m trying to retain all the great things I’m learning, because they are great despite the fact that I don’t enjoy it much, but it’s like drinking from a fire hose. It’s intense and sometimes the Spirit flees my body from the stress, leaving my husband putting up with a crazy person. Have I mentioned he’s an amazing man? Well, he is. I’ve also been able to work out here more than ever at home because I have a pass to the rec center. I’m blowing off steam while swimming laps in the pool. It’s glorious!

Friday evening I was pretty cranky so we headed out to the river to enjoy the beauty and for the kids to ride their bikes. God’s creation has a way of soothing the soul.

bike through the trees blowing dandelions

Saturday after I did a couple hours of homework we headed to the rec center pool. It has a lazy river, rock wall in the water and a huge hot tub. I swam laps then played with the family as we soaked and floated and then had to leave with a screaming child because on of my little lovies didn’t want to listen to the lifeguard. He shall remain nameless.


In the evening we had an ice cream social to get to know some of the new staff in the region. It truly was a night to celebrate because we have been assigned 4 new staff to our team in Portland. This is such a huge answer to prayer! When they all arrive in Portland it surely will be an amazing blessing. And to make the evening a little more eventful, this happened…..


Do you see the goose egg on Amy’s head? Isaac was playing catch (or “hit Pete with a pine cone”, but we’ll call it catch) and one of his throws went sailing past Pete and nailed Amy right in the forehead. It was so fast and so hard that I’m so grateful that it missed her eye. It could have been so much worse. I wanted to cry at first and then it caused many great laughs as we explained the story over and over as people kept asking Amy why she was icing her head. There’s really never a dull moment when Isaac’s around. He’s just not your average toddler. What more can I say?

Today was more homework, but done with a friend, with coffee and muffin in hand, so that always makes it better. Then pool time, nap time, and shopping at Goodwill for me with my friend Sam. She’s the queen of fashion in my book and she helped me find a belt, okay 3, for a dress I just bought. Three belts for under $7. I like that kind of deal. Then Matt took Jenna on a date to the movies to see the new Monsters Inc. in 3D. She’s such a lucky girl to have such a great dad. Isaac and I had more fun at the pool where he tried to master the water gun and some snuggle time on the couch. I’ll say that was a pretty fantastic day.


photo-77 photo-78

Isaac requested we take our picture and well, I always like a good photo op so here we are. Adorbs.

Now I’m off to study for my Old Testament exam while riding a stationary bike. It helps me retain more that way. Weird but true. You can pray for me. I have a test and my final paper due this week. What that tells me is that the end is in sight for these first two classes. Definitely something to rejoice over.

Have a great week friends.


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