Weekend Wanderings–A Beach Getaway

We excitedly headed for the beach as the sun was out in full force. We had to take advantage of the warm day and our free afternoon together.


We kicked off our shoes and strolled along the beach enjoying the sand beneath our toes.


Once a year I get to pull away and go to the beach with other moms and fellow campus ministry staff. It’s something I’m already looking forward to next year (That’s how great it is for me).  We have a unique job that not everyone can relate to so to be able to pull away for a weekend with 12 other women who do what I do and are moms is incredible. To just rest, have uninterrupted conversation, laugh, eat (while it’s still hot and not spoon feeding anyone or yelling at them to stay in their seat), talk honestly and dig into each others lives, and just be is a total blessing. I even got to enjoy a long walk and quiet reading by myself on the beach. Seriously terrific.

Jody reading on beach

Some of my favorite memories will be heading to Cape Disappointment. Why would anyone name something Cape Disappointment? I need to know the whole story with that one. The weather that day was slightly disappointing but the view and the company wasn’t.


It’s fun to watch grown woman do things with reckless abandon and embrace their inner child. Is there anything more delightful than a woman on a tag-a-long on a bike? You can’t help but smile.

472933_10201118087980321_357223043_o I also got to see the excitement on the faces of three women who had taken on the adventure of going clamming with nothing but their shovel. They went and they conquered and the joy was palpable. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the joy on their faces.



I didn’t leave the beach feeling physically refreshed, I need about a years worth of good sleep to catch up on the deficit I have but I did leave feeling so thankful for the blessing of these woman. We are all different. We all have different gifts. But we all are women in full-time ministry, moms who love their families, and seek to live out a life that’s pleasing to God. I’m so grateful we get to walk this journey together. Thanks ladies for making my life richer and encouraging me along the way. Cheers to you! Can’t wait until next year!





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