The Tilt O Whirl of Life

Life is like a Tilt O Whirl really. It keeps spinning all the time. Sometimes it’s really fun, exhilarating, slightly terrifying but thrilling. Sometimes it’s so fun that your cheeks hurt from smiling. Sometimes it’s goes too fast. Sometimes it spins you right into something tragic, heartbreaking, and terrible and all you want to do is get off the ride. It can go from downright delightful to nauseating (sometimes all in the same day, multiple times). Life can be quite a ride.

Today felt like one of those crazy days on the Tilt O Whirl. I had a delightful morning with my sweet little guy playing at the park, walking through the florescent world of flowers that we live in here, watching the wonder in his 2 year old eyes as he says, “Wow, that’s beautiful!” and giggling with every underdog at the swing set.


Then I turn on the news  after hearing about Boston and the horror of bombs, blood and screaming people fleeing another scene bring reminders that we live in a broken world where people do evil acts in ignorance. Lives changed forever. An event that happens every year in Boston that should be a safe place to be, no longer seems safe. Evil is present but so is God. Brave first responders rush into harms way to bring aid to the hurting. There are still good brave souls.

We then drive through the beauty of the outskirts of the city, serene farmland flourishing, friends in tow. We head to the tulip farm to see those beauties at their peek. And it is outstanding. The rainbow of vibrant color screaming out that God is still present, beautiful, the most brilliant artist. Children running, screaming with delight through the rows of dancing tulips.



The conversation turns to talk of the loss of a great pastor that we both knew back in Bozeman and sorrow seeps in. Saddened by the hole that’s left behind on this earth where that sweet, joyful, compassionate man once filled. My friend knows sorrow all too well as she too has already lost her husband at such a young age.

We take in the last view of the incredible color of the field, breath in deep the beauty and leave thankful.


The Tilt O Whirl of life can be so beautiful and so painful.¬† I’m just thankful that we can trust the One who in the end controls it all and good will eventually trump evil, for good, for eternity.

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