Weekend Wanderings–Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was a sweet day of celebrating with my family. What were we celebrating? Me! It’s that time of year where I turn another year older and because Matt won’t be here for my actual birthday we celebrated early. I was pretty sad about turning 35, gulp, (I remember my mom turning 35 and thinking that was SO old) but I think that after this past week I’m just realizing that each year is such a gift and if I’m around to celebrate it, then celebrate we will. (But I’m still 34 for another day!)

Birthdays in my family growing up were such a big deal. We always had a party and you got to pick whatever you wanted for dinner. I have no idea what my dinner requests were then but I always felt special. Matt did a great job making me feel celebrated this year as well. He planned a surprise breakfast date for us (breakfast is my favorite), we got to stroll around leisurely, I was given very thoughtful gifts and sweet notes from my daughter, I took a nap, and Matt and Jenna made dinner (with only a little help from me). Seriously delightful!

Jody birthday breakfast 35


Days like that one are the kind you want to bottle and hold on to forever.

Now, we’ll see if I’m as excited to turn 35 when I wake up and it’s really here. You have to start checking the next box up on most things now! You know the ones that say, Please check your age category: 18-23 or 24-29 or 30-34 or 35-40. I can’t believe that I’m already to that box. How did this happen?!




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