Weekend Wanderings

We’ve been working a lot of hours the past couple weeks so some good family time was in order. There are also going to be travels ahead for the next few weekends so we reveled in the fact that this weekend was spent at home.

Jenna had a party to go to on Friday in the burbs and since I-5 on a Friday night is a nightmare we stayed longer and had a fun little dinner date together. We used some gifted money to take ourselves out and had a fabulous time.  I let her pick the place and even suggested something like burgers but my girl has great taste in food and asked for Thai. We ended up at a Korean spot and it was delicious (Thanks to the Hollands for that suggestion).


While Matt worked Sat. morning we spent time with friends which is always fun. The rest of the day consisted of naps, reading, time at the playground, rice crispy treats and family movie night. I sure love days like that! Life is often so busy that it’s just nice to slow down and enjoy each other for a day.



Today I got to be there when my dear friends dedicated their sweet baby boy. I love being part of moments like that. We then had more lounging time, more reading, a little work out, and then Matt took Jenna to a soccer game and Isaac and I weeded and pruned the rose bushes (well he tore apart flowers, threw dirt, dug out all the balls to play with and rode his bike; quite the helper). It’s still shocking to me that that’s what you do in February here. As I raked up the leaves I noticed my tulips are starting to peek out of the ground and I can’t wait to see them bloom. In Bozeman I never got to see my tulips bloom in person because we were always on summer project by the time the earth thawed and blessed us with any sort of life again. Not here friends. I will see my own tulips show their beauty in person in the not too distant future. Seriously giddy!




And while Matt and Jenna were at the game she lost her second top tooth while eating pizza. The whole in her mouth is quite large now and she has an adorable lisp. So great!


I hope you too had a blessed weekend!


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