A Free, Fun, Memorable Date Night


I’ve talked before about how important date nights are with your spouse. And I will again, they are important! The best gift we can give our kids (besides walking with Christ and teaching them to do the same) is putting your spouse as top priority and valuing your marriage. I also have to admit that my husband is better at planning dates and making it actually happen than I am. Another reason I adore that man!

So last week my wonderful hubby planned a date night at home for us. One, because we couldn’t find a sitter and two because it’s nice to save money. He set up our room into a nice cozy date spot, had a bottle of wine and chocolate (that had been gifts, so it was really a free date night) and set up a large piece of paper that said Making Memories on it. I was skeptical at first, I won’t lie. What were we going to do with that paper and markers? I don’t like to draw or play games. But of course, it exceeded my expectations and we didn’t play win, lose or draw. What we did do with that paper though was write some of our favorite memories that we’ve had together throughout our 13 years together. It was so fun to look back at all (well not all, we keep remembering ones we forgot this week) the amazing memories we’ve made over the years. It reminded us both of God’s faithfulness and goodness to even allow us to experience some of those great things. It also was a great reminder how blessed I am by my husband.

Maybe you need a new date night idea. Give this one a try.

Or maybe you don’t really like your spouse right now and can’t remember the great times you’ve shared. I also recommend giving this date night a try. I think you’ll be glad you did and it may just help you remember and make a new great memory together.


P.S. You’re also supposed to kiss after each memory you write down. I know, so embarrassing that I shared that. But that’s the rule.

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