Cru Conference 2012-Love Reigns


Today we’ll pack up and head to the Double Tree at the Lloyd center for 5 days. Why would we do that when we live 2 miles from there? Great question. Because for the next 5 days we’ll be serving over 500 students from around the NW region, praying that God will intersect their lives and that they’ll leave changed.

This is one of the highlights of the year for me and so many others. Please be praying for safe travels for the students and God to change lives and impact the city of Portland as our students engage with and serve those around them. You could also pray for good health. I’m on day 15 of sickness and seem to be feeling worse. It always spreads to the staff, staff kids, and students while being in such close quarters for that many days as well. We don’t want anything like the cold/flu virus hindering all the great things that God wants to do in the next week.

If you’re into technology you could search for #cruconf and follow along. See what staff and students are saying while they’re there. You can also go to the live feed through our facebook page and watch right along with us. Join us! I’ll be chatting with those following along online so stop in and say hello.


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