Christmas 2012

We had a fantastic Christmas. I was up at 4 with Isaac and we had a nice time snuggling while trying to get him to go back to sleep. Who doesn’t like to be awake at 4 on Christmas day? I have to brag on my kids for a minute; we didn’t start opening gifts or do stockings until 9 am. I never would have made it that long as a kid. We always had to do it first thing, before eating even. But Jenna was as patient as could be and didn’t even ask. Amazing.

Isaac opened about two gifts and didn’t want to do anymore because he then had new toys to play with. He would have been happy with that. Jenna was so happy with her new art supplies that she then spent the majority of the day creating masterpieces.

It was a white Christmas and it was beautiful. We loved having the snow, sledding, making snowmen and then the drive back today was incredible. It was like one scene from a movie after another. We also left the kids with the grandparents so we can work at our conference so the drive back was also VERY quiet. It’s always hard to leave my sweet kids but I know it will be a sweet time for them and so much easier for us to work hard when they are being taken care of. When I talked to Jenna tonight I had to tell her to pretend to miss me and Isaac told me how much fun he had sledding.

Here are a few highlights from our couple days away. I hope you all had a fantastic day celebrating.

IMG_8453 IMG_8466


This one makes me laugh! Totally accurate of how pictures (and life) go around here. I just like to keep it real people.


IMG_6459 IMG_8495

If you want to see a picture of our family in this very spot two years ago click here. Our kids have grown!

IMG_8497 IMG_6471



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