That’s What She Said…….

Well, I think politics are incredibly depressing and the results of the election also depressing. So to lighten the mood here are some quotes from my daughter. They’re always good for a little laugh in my book.

Jenna is needing to be challenged at school so her teacher sent home some book reports to fill out after reading a book. She said, “Finally, they’re giving me real homework to do.”

I told her to stop moving and asked her if she had ants in her pants. She said, “Yes I do, 19 of them.”

I told her that one day I would take her with me on a missions trip. She said, “how old?” I told her 10. She paused and said, “How about 7?”

We had just skyped with our friends in Costa Rica and Matt was putting her to bed. She said, “I don’t remember those girls. How did they know my name?” Matt told her I had told them about her when I was there. She said, “but I don’t know if I want them to know my name because then they’ll tell everyone about me and I’ll be famous. I’ll walk around and people will take my picture and put it in the newspaper. You know, my friend Sigrid is famous (her picture was in the window at a store in our neighborhood). Then she said, “I wonder if she’s tired?” Um, I wonder if she’s tired because she sounds delirious.

Matt asked her how her sandwich was in her lunch box. She crossed her arms and said, “You’re just asking me that because you made it and think it’s the best.”

Whenever I ask her questions she spells out her answer, literally. For example here was a conversation with her this week. Are you still hungry Jenna? “Y-E-S. Because it is G-O-O-D.”

Matt was explaining that you had to be 18 to be vote. She said, “Well you are waaaaaay older than that.”

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