The Christmas Season is Starting……

I know that statement seems so wrong; Christmas?! I really don’t get into the Christmas spirit until after Thanksgiving. As soon as the dishes are done from the meal I bust out the Christmas music but not before. It just seems like you don’t take in all the greatness of Thanksgiving if you rush over it with Christmas craziness.

However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t started preparing. You just have to. With finishing the semester on campus, planning two baby showers, Christmas parties, our big Cru Conference right after Christmas, and Jenna’s birthday right after that there is no way around it, I have to start early so things get done.

While my friend and I were wandering around the mall shopping for items on our Christmas list I was complaining about how decorated it already was for Christmas and we even heard Christmas music playing. She turned to me and said, “Well, we are Christmas shopping.” Yes, I suppose we are.

To make it feel even stranger to me the weather was freakishly warm outside and the leaves are still bursting with color around here. I feel like my seasons are colliding, that’s all.

We had a fantastic weekend, almost finished my shopping and now I just have to finish my calendars I make for everyone. Those are the real time consuming thing. So thanks to our hubbies who let us get away and shop unhindered and enjoy friendship with uninterrupted conversation. And we always pick the best weekend of the year, the time change. We get to really take advantage of that extra hour of sleep without the kiddos. Sneaky I know.

To top off the almost finishing my shopping I even picked up our Christmas cards to start addressing. I have to be early on that too because it takes me a billion hours to address 250 of them. (I know, my husband says I exaggerate a hundred million times.)

So what about you? Are you already preparing for the Christmas season?

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