Halloween Defiance

The one day of the year I willingly give my son a play hatchet (it’s not that harmful, don’t worry) as part of his costume and he refuses to use it. I’m constantly taking harmful objects from him that he’s trying to use as a hatchet or some sort of weapon but on Halloween, the boy refuses. The only reason we got this picture of him in costume was because we told him his papa wanted to see his outfit and he put it on for about 60 seconds. Apparently he’s so cute no one required a costume for trick-or-treating and gave him plenty of candy. No one even asked where it was; I think they saw the look in his eye and knew, “Oh yes, that boy is 2 and feisty.” He was very polite though and always said “Trit or treat” and “tant you” when he left.

Jenna on the other hand was an adorable Wonder Woman and had a great evening with her friends and out trick-or-treating. She thinks the candy tax that we’ve put in place is just terrible but hey, that’s what parents are for. Now, I need to throw some out because I’m going to be ill from pillaging so much of the good candy today.

We started out our evening yesterday by having chili and cornbread with some friends and neighbors. We want our home to be one that is always warm and inviting to everyone in the neighborhood so our small group thought we would offer chili before trick-or-treating. We had a few neighbors join us and we had a great time together. We’ll definitely do it again next year. And to top off the evening the weather was amazing. A warm, dry evening. This is the third year in a row without rain (at least during the evening when we’re out). It’s hard to believe really.

If you’re in the mood for a craft for next year, don’t want to carve a pumpkin, and worried about safety, try these mason jar jack-o-lanterns. They were super easy and quick and look cute on the porch lit up (with an LED light of course because we don’t do real flames around here with our small man child.) You just need a jar, some modge podge, paint brush, tissue paper and paper for the face. Glue it all on and you’re good to go. Although if you sit it too close to the edge of the porch and it gets wet, it might just get all sticky again, so you’re forewarned.

Hope you all had a fun evening with your kiddos if you celebrated last night. May the sugar buzz not last too long.

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