Muddy Pumpkins

Life has been a collision of crazy experiences lately. First an epic trip to Costa Rica that I’m still relishing in my heart and mind. Then I came crashing back to the reality of home life (which is amazing) and trying to shape the hearts of my 2 and 5 year old instead of college students. I just have to say, being a mom is the hardest job there is. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s true. Then we head off to Spokane for one of the most amazing weddings I’ve ever witnessed. It was moving on so many levels and shouted of God’s goodness and grace in life. It was an incredible evening of seeing friends we love and have been a part of our lives for years in one way or another but live far away. We love that we get to see Matt’s sister and her family now too. We’re so glad they are here now instead of Scotland. Seeing people I love does my heart good. And then we return to the crazy of life, a full week here and tired from travel. It feels a little like whiplash sometimes.

So add to all that craziness a field trip with Jenna’s kindergarten class. Just picture it people, 40 5 year olds on a bus for 25 minutes each way. As if that isn’t enough fun it was pouring rain and about a foot of mud in the pumpkin patch. I’m not quite sure how teachers do it, they don’t get paid enough. I was only in charge of four of them for the 3 hours and I was exhausted when we left. But really, we had a great time. We got soaked, muddy, laughed a lot, and I survived with only a mild headache. I can’t wait for the next memory making field trip; I love getting to know Jenna’s teacher and friends at school.

The trees are still beautiful here and some of them are just beginning to change which seems crazy to me. When I wasn’t distracted by all the yelling on the bus I took time to just gaze out the window and enjoy the views.

Tonight Jenna painted pumpkins instead of carving them because she refuses to touch the insides insisting it’s the grossest thing ever and lets just face it, getting a knife out when Isaac is more than 12 feet away is just a terrible idea.

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