Isaac’s New Room Decor

We’ve been working on Isaac’s room for a while now. I love how it’s turned out (although it’s hard to do it justice in these pictures). Although it feels like it’s still not done because in a few more months we’ll put an actual twin bed in there but for now he’s still in his toddler bed. Always a work in progress I guess.

Isaac is loving his new decor as well. He looks around and points out all of it several times a week. He’s a very observant little guy.

The piece of art that we decided to decorate around was the bike wall painting that says Never Stop Moving. That pretty much sums up Isaac and I loved the colors in it. From there we decided to use a few photographs that were taken around Portland. I took the photo of the signs down in Pioneer Square the first year we moved here and have loved it ever since. We blew it up, had it put on a foam board and used a frame that we bought at a garage sale to border it. The other two photos were taken by someone while at our cru conference last year.

I love planes and wanted to add one so Brittany bought Isaac one for his birthday. He loves it and points it out every morning when he wakes up. It’s a perfect asset to the corner of his room.

I wanted bike tire rims originally to put above his bed but wasn’t able to find any and I didn’t want them to put big holes in the wall so while at another garage sale (I love good deals) I spotted a box of records and decided those would look cool on the wall instead of the rims. Mission accomplished.

Finally, the curtains. I needed a little more color in there with all the gray, blue and black so I bought some (overpriced) material to add a bit of red. I like how they turned out; my mom did an amazing job and I was great moral support for her while she whipped them out. I however, measured them wrong so they are a bit long for the window. My sewing woes just never end. One day I’ll fix them, but for now, they are serving the purpose just fine.

I love his updated, more big boy room. What do you think?

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  1. good job Jody. I love “meaningful” art. btw have you ever used Stitchery Witchery? You could use it to hem the curtains perfectly; all you need is an iron. It’s a lazy girl like me’s no-sew dream.


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