Truth Be Told…..

Here are some things that are true, I wish it were different but it’s not:

  • Whole wheat pasta tastes bad. It just does. I try really, really hard, over and over again to cook with this and like it, but it is a lost cause. I give up. Please just give me the simple carbs and bad white flour please. This goes for whole wheat french bread as well.
  • I cannot sew. The 3rd grade me who did not like sewing in 4-H has never grown up to like it. I need to stop trying and be okay with it. It’s always more expensive in the long run, makes me swear like a trucker and rids the Holy spirit from my body very quickly (This may have happened to me today. #ademonisininmysewingmachine). I wish it were different but it’s not. So please, if I pin something that looks like it needs sewn to come to fruition punch me in the face to keep me from trying it. This will be less painful in the long run for me. I’m certain of it.  (P.S. Mom, you have a new project to work on.)

(This is how Isaac feels while taking family photos and this is exactly how I feel while sewing, well, trying to sew.)

  • Generic graham crackers may as well be a piece of cardboard. This I already knew and therefore gave Isaac the real deal today, but I always remember doing the taste test and finding out it’s true. Saving a few cents is just not worth it.

Whew, glad I got those things off my chest. Now, on to the rest of my week.

3 thoughts on “Truth Be Told…..”

  1. Haha…I totally agree about whole wheat pasta. I keep trying too, but you may have inspired me to stop making my family suffer through yet another attempt to masque the grossness. I enjoy seeing but need LOTS of practice. Recently I made a very simple item. The blog I got it from said it should take an hour for a beginner. 3 hours later I was mostly done. And I think we should start a petition to ban generic graham crackers and their evil cousins generic vanilla wafers. I plead temporary insanity for my most recent purchases of them. Being frugal doesn’t always pay off.


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