“But Everyone else is…….”

It certainly didn’t take long for these words to come out of her mouth, “But everyone else is…..” Here we go. Day 3 of school and she’s already being sucked into the trap of wanting to do the things that everyone¬†else is doing.¬† They were given free backpacks at school, they were all blue, everyone had the same one. Nothing fancy about them at all. We had bought her an adorable backpack that she loved but she wanted to take the one they were all given to be like everyone else. Not that big of a deal really, but they put their names on them really big to tell them apart and I didn’t want every stranger walking by to know her name so we said no to taking it. Minor issue today but they will get bigger and more difficult to navigate from here on out.

I looked at her and said, “Sweetie, this is going to be a lesson you learn starting now and will continue for the rest of your life, we’re not meant to be like everyone else.”

I still learn this and as I was processing it throughout the day I am reminded how difficult it is sometimes to feel like you’re the only one doing something, or not doing something. I know for Jenna it was just about a backpack this week and it’s not a spiritual thing. But God teaches through all things, even backpacks.

I’m reminded and want to teach Jenna that God calls those who truly love and follow Him to live differently. Our lives will not look like everyone elses, and if they do, maybe we should evaluate what’s going on.

The world says, store up lots of things, the best of things here and now, God says, store up treasures in heaven; invest in things that really matter.

The world says, self comes first. Do what’s best for you. God says, Deny yourself and follow me. Serve others.

The world says, get back at others, get revenge. God says, love your enemies and leave the revenge up to him. (We’re already learning this lesson at school. A boy has hurt Jenna two days in a row and I want to pound him for it. Not exactly God’s heart for the situation. Jenna on the other hand still likes him; we know who’s more Godly now.)

The world says, do whatever you want. Whatever feels right to you. Truth is relative. God says, I am the way, the truth and the life.

I could go on and on. God’s ways seem so upside down and at times it feels like everyone else is going a different way, maybe a better way, but if we choose to do life His way we really do find out that it is far better, worth the risk of standing out from everyone else and in Him is found true joy and life. But you won’t know that if you follow the world like everyone else.

It’s not even an us vs. them (those who aren’t Christ followers) thing. Sometimes God asks us to do something that He’s not asking every other Christian to do and we need to do it; Not compare ourselves with everyone else who calls themselves Christians.

I’m sure I’ll continue to learn new things every week because of what Jenna is now going through at school. Who knew I would be getting an education along the way as well. Welcome to kindergarten.

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