The Big First Day

It wouldn’t be like me to not blog about my sweet girls first day of school. It’s just too big not to talk about. She got up early and very excited for school, got a little teary over breakfast telling me she would miss me (awe), and did so great as we dropped her off. She thrives in school type settings and at the end of the day strolled through the door as a confident kindergartner with a beaming smile on her face. I asked her if she missed me and she said, “I didn’t have time to miss you. I had so much fun.” I was glad to hear that!

That was Jenna, me on the other hand, was a crying mess all day off and on. I would pull it together and then a sweet friend would text and ask how I was and I’d cry all over again. I really was excited for her to go to school but it was harder than I thought it would be. Life is never the same after kids go to school; from them being away from home more to life being filled up with school papers, activities, and tied down to that schedule. Like everything it comes with its pros and cons.

Now to adjust to our new normal………

Here she is before leaving home

And here she is at school, so adorable in the outfit she picked out.

Also, my neighbor updated her blog from the party we had in the park with great pictures, one of which is Isaac eating his ice cream sandwich. It’s so funny!

Now, I’m off to bed. I’m tired from all that crying. Watching your babies grow up is hard work people.

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  1. How did Isaac do without her the last two days? Was today any easier for you? Praying for you and for Jenna as she makes new relationships!


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