OUR Hurricane Isaac

We’ve all seen the damage that hurricane Isaac has done in parts of the country (and ours, ruining my OSU game day last weekend) but around these parts, we have our own little Hurricane Isaac. He tears about all day destroying things in his path and let me tell you what, I’m finding myself exasperated. Poor me a cold one folks, I’m spent. It’s like someone gave him the memo that when he turned two he should amp it up a notch and turn on the real naughty and he took it very seriously.

I’m trying so hard to praise him when he does something good and obeys. But right now those things are “Wow, you run so fast” (as he runs away from me after being bad), or “You jump so well” (while in a fit of rage), “Wow, you throw so far and so hard” (as he throws a hard object at his sisters head). You get the idea. Saying no in all kinds of nice ways all day, giving 50 time outs and a few spanks a day is wearing on everyone. It can really suck the joy out of any day.

I’m the mom right now that people stare at with the “wow, get your kid under control eye” as he screams and flails as I carry him from buildings and I’m also the mom that people say, “wow, that is the cutest boy ever” as he flashes them his charming dimpled grin. Both happened today in the span of 30 minutes.

I’m about to start reading Shepherding a Child’s Heart because I’ve heard some say they really like it. I’ve read plenty of other books that I’ve liked as well. Nothing seems to be working at the moment so if you have a good book you can suggest it. Even better, pray for our boy to have a soft and obedient heart and for wisdom as we raise this sweet and strong willed boy. My prayer is that he’ll be a God fearing man, with a heart to love and serve people and that God would use Him mightily some day; And those men aren’t made over night. Neither are obedient toddlers so I better just buckle in and pray hard.

As I was singing Amazing Grace to him tonight as he fell asleep (which was a miracle in itself, because he never does that. Must be because he didn’t nap.) I was just reminded that I am indeed so thankful for God’s amazing grace. That He didn’t give up on me in my days of belligerent rebellion, that He loved me and set me free from that path of destruction, that He saved a wretch like me; That He gives grace to me every day. Amazing grace indeed.

Here are a few pictures of my delightful little hurricane Isaac in the past couple weeks. I know I’m biased but I think he is so incredible adorable and I’m quite sure it’s saving his bacon right now.

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