New Fun Finds

I love discovering great new things in the place that you live. We went to Sauvie Island today and took my parents because they had never been there. We enjoyed the Harvest Festival at the Pumpkin Patch (with very few people) climbing the straw bales, riding the free hay ride, partaking in some sweet goodness of things like an elephant ear, kettle corn and even a carameled apple. And, we road the cow train as well. And when I say we, I mean I had to go on there with Isaac because I wasn’t sure he wouldn’t try to bail out mid-ride and they went pretty darn fast.

After that we headed to the beach. That’s right, the beach. I had no idea there were beaches on sauvie island. Nice sand, not crowded and water to play in. We watched lots of boats go by and enjoyed a picnic lunch while enjoying the sun.

What a great find! The only bummer is that summer is over and now we’ll have to wait until next year to enjoy it again. Have any of you been to the beaches at Sauvie Island? And yes, there’s even a nude beach, which I’m hoping you haven’t been to. No thanks folks. I’m a firm believer that sand and the naked body were never meant to mingle.

I hope you’re soaking up the last bit of summer at your house too (although it already feels like fall). We’re about to partake in some football madness now (not the madness I had hoped for. We had tickets to the OSU game today that was cancelled. So disappointing!). I love fall, football and most of all pumpkin lattes.

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