Backyard Movie Night

We did our first neighborhood backyard movie night last night. 27 of us gathered together in our cozy little back yard to watch The Incredibles under the stars and it was so fun! The weather was scorching hot (100+) during the day but the evening was the perfect temp and the wind blew a little which made it terrific after a heat wave around here this week.

We’ve had this on the calendar all summer so it was nice of the weather to cooperate ever so nicely. I only wish we would have had more movie nights. Definitely will do more of them in the future. We met some new families and had some familiar faces that we had from our last event.

The prep for our night was simple (well for me, I don’t do the tech stuff). I went to the dollar store and bought some movie style treats, put out some drinks, popped some popcorn, sent out some invites via email and delivered a few by hand and thankfully some people showed up. We were going to set up a sheet on the garage but since we have connections we went with the screen instead and it was magnificent. We seriously love our neighborhood and the people in it. We can’t wait to get to know these families more and more over the years. Try it in your neighborhood; You’ll be glad you did.

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