Have You Seen Moonrise Kingdom?

Have you seen the movie Moonrise Kingdom? We had never heard of it until last weekend when we were looking for a movie to go to while away for our anniversary. Moonrise Kingdom was playing at the Regal cinema closest to us and all the reviews said it was a must see so we decided to take their advice and see it. It was a very entertaining, unusual story, visually entertaining and not like every other movie out there. Wes Anderson, the director must be a very interesting and quirky man.

Anyway, there was a scene in the movie that was so memorable to me. It screamed of the need of a God who intervenes in our lives to rescue in ways no one else can. The married couple is lying in bed while there is a terrible storm outside.  They have an incredibly dysfunctional marriage (I won’t give away the story in case you want to go see it) and here is the dialogue they have:

W-I’m sorry

H-For what injury are you referring to specifically?

W-Whatever still hurts the most.

H-Well, half are self-inflicted. I just hope the wind tears the roof off and sucks me out.

W- Stop feeling sorry for yourself.


W- Because we’re all they (the children) have.

H- That’s not good enough.

It’s so true! We, in and of ourselves are not good enough for our kids (or anyone else, it carries into all relationships). I can be the best parent I can be (my dysfunction and all), love them to pieces, shield them from pain as much as I can, provide all they need physically, emotionally, spiritually, and yet life can still throw curve balls and things don’t go as planned. Our children grow up to make their own decisions good and bad, and yes it helps when we’ve trained them well, but sometimes they choose the unwise path despite that training.

I strive to be a great parent thinking that is enough (and it’s great to strive to be a great parent) but it’s not. God is the only one who can fully protect, provide for EVERY need, knows our kids hearts and future better than we do and we need to trust in Him to be enough (for us and our children). In all my weakness, God is enough. In all my kids weakness, God is enough. In all our joy, God is enough. In all our pain, God is enough.

I’m so thankful when I remember this truth, that God is enough, because it takes the pressure off of me to be the perfect one and look to and rely on the One and only who really is.

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