Vegan Challenge Finishes With Success!

Okay friends, we made it to day 30. Yes there was a little cheating along the way (more on Matt’s side than mine) but I feel like we did amazingly well. And get this, Matt’s cholesterol dropped by a ton. I think it’s a ton anyway. Anyone with a medical background can let me know what you think.

He had his cholesterol taken in 2009 and again in 2011 and it came back elevated both times which I freaked out about because heart disease runs in his family and his grandfather died at the age of 46 of his 3rd heart attack if I remember correctly. No bueno. But, all we did for the last 11 months was limit our red meat consumption a little more. Nothing huge. So this by far is the biggest thing we’ve done and I think after only 30 days it’s been a total success. I can only imagine what it could be in another year if we keep it up.

Here’s the numbers so you can see for yourself:

Cholesterol 198 (2009) 194(2011) 166 (today)
Triglycerides 176 (2009) 211 (2011) 148 (today)
HDL stayed the same at 32 which it’s supposed to be above 40.
My overall Chol/HDL ratio got better and is now at 5.2 (should be less that 5.0)

So, we still have some work to do because it’s not quite low enough but I’m so encouraged by what we’re seeing happen. He also seems to be losing weight (not that he needed to). Me, not so much but I feel good so I’m happy with that.

Besides the great benefit of lowering his cholesterol we also feel better overall and have more energy in the afternoon. I’ve given up my afternoon cup of coffee because I haven’t needed it.

The negative side of it all is that it takes more planning and thought, it’s harder to go out to eat, and it’s hard when we go to friends homes for dinner. We don’t want to be “those” guests who can’t eat anything that they have to serve. It’s just not worth it on those occasions to be strictly vegan.

Overall we will continue to keep up this eating style at home with adding in a little meat here and there and while eating out with others. It’s just too good to give up completely and too restrictive to do %100.

We’re headed out camping this weekend and there will be a steak on the menu along with some butter and other terrible things I’m sure. I’ll let you know how we feel when we get home.

Here’s our menu from the last part of our 30 days if you’re interested. You’ll see we repeat the things we really like.

Day 18: Pesto Pasta & salad
Day 19: dinner out at Thai food
Day 20: At a birthday party and had black bean quinoa burgers, fruit and veggies. Also ate a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter cupcake that I’m sure wasn’t vegan and loved every bite 🙂
Day 21: Tofurkey sausage dog with corn on the cob
Day 22: Chimmichurri tacos, berry crisp
Day 23: Wild Mushroom stroganoff fettuccini, salad, bread
Day 24: Sweet potato and black bean burritos
Day 25: Falafal pitas, hummus, veggies
Day 26: leftovers
Day 27: Gnocci with Alfredo sauce (which was so good) and green beans
Day 28: Chloe’s award winning mango masala panini (which was very tasty but also award winning for how long it took to prepare the ingredients) & roasted potatoes
Day 29: Pesto avocado pasta, bread and salad
Day 30: Tofu & veggie stir fry with rice and sorbet for dessert

And for your comedic pleasure here’s a picture of how I do panini’s at our house; In the small George Foreman grill, one at a time, with an 8 lb. weight on top. Nothing but class around here.

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  1. Wow that is a huge difference in cholesterol! Pete’s is on the higher end as well so maybe we’ll try this. Were your grocery bills more expensive?


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