That’s What She Said……….

While playing the accordion, “I’m just practicing my rhythms and my tunes, not my songs.”

“This one’s kind of a screamy tune.” (It’s true, it was)

“I wish I lived in the Costco eating area so I could eat there every day.”

She came out of the bathroom at bath time and said, “Um helllllooooo, the water is freaking hot.” I’m not sure where she heard that. What terrible parents!

We went to ice cream with my parents to celebrate Jenna graduating and she got the biggest scoop of ice cream somehow. My dad asked her how she ended up getting the most out of them and she said, “Well, I guess I graduated.”

She asked me to come listen to her play her keyboard. When she was done she said, “I’m getting so good I may not even need piano lessons.”

Someone asked her where she got her big strong muscles and she said, “well my dad and I thumb wrestle.” Yep, that should do it.

She likes to ask where my earrings came from. I told her one pair was for my birthday one year but I couldn’t remember when. She said, “Well they must be reeeaaaally old.” I asked why they would be really old and she said, “Well, because you’re really old.” Thank you very much.

She said, “I need to take a picture of you, dad and Isaac. That would be good for my blog.”

She ran in the house and asked, “Did you read my blog? I have three stories on there. She proceeded to tell me about the stories and then said, “Did you notice they’re all about me?” Oh dear. Have we started a narcissistic blog? Perhaps. Time will tell.

And on that note, Matt and Jenna have started a blog. It’s called Jenna’s Summer Adventure Stories. She tells stories and Matt types it out. It should be interesting. So if you want some more entertainment from my dear daughter, go check it out.

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  1. MsJenna
    I must say I LOVE your Summer Blog and always read WHat She Said
    keep up your they keep me lsughing,
    Y ou are truly a blessing to us all
    luv Aunt Sissy


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