That’s What She Said………

I had just told her we would talk about watching tv after lunch. She responded with, “Daddy and you say we’re gonna talk about it and then we never do.” She’s catching on to us.

“It’s like we’re in the middle of nowhere!” (She says this every time we go to the fruit stand near our house.) What will she think when we go back to Montana?!

“I love you as much as I wish I could have a rabbit.” (Thanks Seth and Lisa)

Matt asked Jenna if she wanted a squirrel for a pet. She said, “No, I wouldn’t want to climb trees to get it acorns everyday.” Matt said, “Really, that’s the only reason?” Yep.

Matt asked Jenna what we should do to get more people to Cru Conference. Here’s what she said verbatim…

  • You should send an email
  • Make a blog that says learn about if you are old enough to go to Cru Conference.
  • Make a sign and it says you have to go to Cru Conference if you’re old enough.
  • There’s is a sign that says there is more cru conference on You shall go to Cru Conference if you are old enough
  • If a lot more people come and you count and if you think it’s enough they’ll get candy.
  • Make a new cru conference. It will not be easy.
  • Because you will learn about Jesus. He loves you very much even though you sin. You should run to him instead of running away, he can find you even if you run away so far!
  • I think the Jesus one is the best. (her words)

We were discussing our new eating habits and that we may becoming hippies. She said, “what’s a hippy?” I did my best to explain and then she said, “Are we hippies? I don’t think Isaac is a hippy.”

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