Mother’s Day Getaway

We headed to the beach on Mother’s day for a couple day vacation (My sweet husband planned it that way because he knows how much I love the beach). It’s always nice to get away for a couple days when the end of a school year is over. Although having small children at the beach isn’t a real restful vacation. It’s exhausting trying to get them to sleep in new places, chasing them from the waves for hours, and trying to keep the sand eating to a minimum. And when I say “them”, I really mean Isaac.

The kids had a great time and so did we. The weather was beautiful although really windy so I was cold most of the time. The kids feel no pain while cold though. We had to convince them that their limbs were red because yes indeed they were cold and on the verge of falling off but they were totally unaware.

Jenna built sand castles, held ladybugs, occasionally played Frisbee with Matt (which she can do better than myself), ran, loved the tide pools, and to top it off lost her first tooth while we were there. She was so excited about it. We’ll never forget that trip and how important it was to her.

Isaac wanted to run into the waves over and over again, lay down in the water, he even leaned down and drank out of it, he threw lots of rocks, loved sword fighting with sticks and chased Jenna around trying to give her wet hugs.

I forgot my camera but took about a hundred on my phone. I love getting to sit back and watch my sweet family play, delight in the difference of boys and girls and have quiet(ish) evenings with my hubby away from home. Since returning though we’ve been trying to catch up on sleep and tackle the jungle that is our yard. In two days everything doubled and went into full bloom. It’s amazing really.

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