You Know You’re From A Small Town When…..

You know you’re from a small town when you call to buy someone a gift and pay over the phone and they tell you to just mail them a check.

This happened to me today. As some of you know I grew up in a very small town in Central Oregon. I called my grandmas beautician to pay for her appointment tomorrow because I know she’s going to have her hair done and her birthday is on Friday. (She doesn’t read my blog so my secret is safe until tomorrow.) When I told her I would pay with my visa she said, “Oh no honey, just mail me a check.” What?! Who does this anymore? People from my hometown do. They are much more trusting I suppose. And well, she does know my whole family so she could track me down if I don’t pay.

I had to laugh and of course go share with Matt right away what had happened. You wouldn’t get that in Portland that’s for sure.What about you? Do you have a fun small town story to share?

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