Glorious Weekend

Life has been full lately. Full of great things but full none-the-less so this weekend to have taken a nap and enjoy some time in the sun was a fantastic treat.

Friday night we had 45 students from campuses around the city come together and hear about our vision to make a difference on their campuses. They have heard it before but to all be in the same room, see that they aren’t alone and that we’re in it together is such a blessing. It was a fantastic evening but when it was over I was ready to collapse. It’s been a while since I’ve helped cook for that many. I’ve gotten a bit green since my cooking days at MSU.

We had friends from Bozeman staying with us this weekend so on Saturday we met them at the Saturday Market for lunch. It’s always fun for out of towners to get a taste of the city we live in and what better place to do it than there. The fact that it was sunny and beautiful just made it that much better.

Much of Saturday and Sunday were spent working outside, enjoying the sunshine, playing in the pool, walking through our beautiful neighborhood, a great BBQ with friends, and getting to visit my friends who just just had a baby girl. She’s beautiful and Jenna adored her.

I hope your weekend was fabulous and filled with sunshine as well. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the weekend. I love the one of Jenna and Isaac. Here expression says it all and Isaac is just enjoying life like he usually does. Jenna for some reason didn’t want to be outside for part of Sat. but by the end of the day she said, “OK, I guess I’m getting in the spirit now.” Whew, diva dilemma averted.

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