Savoring Spring & Little People

After a rainy week seeing the sunrise peek through the trees in the park behind our house was like a breath of fresh air. The sun flooded our home today and it was like a warm comforting blanket. It was a lovely day to take a walk, go to the park, and of course take lots of pictures of the beauty of it all. I definitely love spring and the beauty it beholds. I’m savoring it.

I’m also savoring the moments we are getting to spend with my brother and his two girls this weekend. The kids are having a great time together and we’re so thankful they’re here. Jenna talks about her cousins all the time so to get to spend time with them is the best of treats for her.

I pray you all have a blessed, refreshing weekend where you can savor the sweet things around you as well.

(These pink trees are my absolute favorite)

(This is the yellow bush we get to look at through our bedroom window that’s in front of our house. Love it!)

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