Missing Out?

Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on the exciting stuff? Today was a bit challenging at times. Our MSU & WSU spring break students have been here and I think it’s so great. It’s fun to have students from other campuses come and do ministry in Portland, gain a heart for the city and be challenged in new ways.

What I don’t love is that I don’t always get to be involved in all the ways I would like. I often feel like I’m missing out. It’s hard for me as someone who likes to do it all and was called into ministry just like Matt to stay at home some days. I love hearing the students share first hand that they got to see someone put their faith in Christ (that’s exciting when it happens, especially here), that they feel God giving them compassion for people, that God is helping them overcome fears. Students this week shared those things but I had to hear it second hand.

I have to keep perspective that I may be missing out in some ways but I’m still there in heart, I prayed all week for those students, their conversations, and God to move. I may not be on campus every day but I am given opportunities to be used by God at home every day. Even today I was able to have a student in my home from the University of Portland that I wouldn’t have been able to if I were somewhere else. I may miss out on certain things but I’m so blessed to not miss out on things like this, Isaac in Jenna’s play room with a wand (at least it’s blue and not pink) snuggling a bear. Don’t worry Matt, he was using it as a weapon. He’s still all boy.

I’m thankful that even in times when I feel like I’m missing out that God quickly reminds me of the blessings and ministry I have right in front of me (and really I wouldn’t have it any other way). Do you ever struggle with this?

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