“Just Call Me Danger”

So I’m afraid that’s what Isaac would say if he had words right now, “Just call me danger.” He is all boy and if anyone says that boys are girls aren’t all that different I would have to beg to differ. Isaac and Jenna couldn’t be more different. Although Isaac is as sweet as can be (we had friends over this week and he hugged their 8 month old daughter at least 10 times as sweetly as could be and his newest thing is to blow us kisses) he is also rambunctious, likes to throw things, climb, and hit things (including his head against hard objects) and say ow. If you turn around for a second he is climbing up on something, including the dining room table. Yikes. In the last couple weeks he’s had his first black eye thanks to the brick seat in front of the fire place in our old house and had his first trip to the ER (you can see how adorable he was in that gown and he was trying to make a break for it) thanks to some breathing issues from a slight case of pneumonia. There just aren’t many dull moments around these parts. Here are a few pictures because he’s just too cute not to show off. My kids are definitely going to miss that big mirror in our old house. It gave hours of entertainment as they loved to stare at themselves.

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  1. So glad Issac is okay! I was watching my friends little boy and he face planted it into a brick fireplace and I about had a heart attack! He of course, had a good cry for a few minutes and was back to playing like nothing happened as I watched his eye turn black. I completely agree, boys are different!! It happened just before Christmas and he still has an indent in his check, I feel so bad.


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