Neighborhood Discoveries

Tonight while I was getting gas I noticed a little delicatessen (Edelweiss Sausage Company & Delicatessen) around the corner. Since we’re new to the neighborhood I decided to take the kids in and have a look around. Let me just say that this was one of the highlights of the week. I know, a trip to the ER, sick kids, and unpacking boxes isn’t hard to top but this place was a little slice of European heaven. It’s a tiny little market that sells mostly German products, grocery items, cookies, pastries, and don’t forget the chocolate. I found my favorite Milka bar of all time in there, the caramel Milka (and to top it off, it was on sale). I used to have friends bring me those from Croatia when they would come back from there and I would ration them out for months taking only small bites here and there. Oh dear, I ate almost a whole one tonight just because I know that it’s only .4 miles away and I can go get more.

This little gem of a store also has a small selection of food that you can order and pull up a chair at in the small seating area to enjoy. One of the reviews said it has the best Reuben of all time and I definitely will be trying that out in the near future. I mean, I have to see if they are right.

They also had a wide variety of sausages, meats, and cheeses. Oh the cheese, I just stood and stared at that case knowing I couldn’t partake but will definitely have to on some special occasions. I decided we couldn’t leave without buying a sausage to try out. We decided on the beer brat and of course a  couple chocolate bars. I only got one sausage to share between Jenna and I, I’m not sure why. Rookie mistake. It was so delicious that it took me back to our trip to Germany and Austria (that’s where the two pictures are from). It was so amazing that I’m already thinking about the next time we’ll visit this little treasure. I see sausages in our dinner menu at least once a month from now on.

Can you tell I love food? I do, and I love little whole in the wall, authentic food places and that’s just what I found today. Now I’ll be needing some self control to stay away from there.

In light of the topic, here’s a picture from our house. It’s the only one for now because it’s still pretty bare around here but it’s the dining room and one of my favorite spots. I LOVE to have people over for meals so it’s going to get lots of use. I also love the built-in cabinets!

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  1. This all looks amazing! I can hardly wait to see you someday again! The best to your and your family as you move forward. Love, Carol


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