In Need of a Rainbow

I’m just sitting here staring at the screen trying to think of something witty to say, or encouraging, or wish I had some more news of God working miracles in our lives but I don’t. Instead, I’ve got pneumonia, maybe a postponed surgery that’s supposed to happen on Tues. morning, a cousin in the hospital and Matt just left to go get some of our co-workers from a hospital that were just in a car accident (they are okay), and still no place to live come Feb. when we have to move out of our house because our landlady sold it. Some days, weeks, and even months are like this; There are more challenges than rainbows (at least at first glance) and more evil people in your life than you would enjoy to have around.

I’m not one to point out a demon behind every bush but I do know that the spiritual realm is real and that Satan has a target on the backs of those who are trying to make the gospel known in hard places. The city is a dark place in many ways and it’s obvious that Satan would prefer for us to not be here. But I also know that God is greater and we have been surrounded by an amazing amount of people who are praying for us and caring for us in ways that we can never begin to repay. So please friends, keep praying. We need it and I know that we serve a God who hears and answers. I just wish He would answer a little quicker or differently sometimes. I may not see the rainbow right now but I know the Artist who paints them and I’m trusting Him with the brush.

Now, let’s hope that tomorrow is a better day because after a full day of antibiotics I feel worse than I did yesterday. Yikes.

2 thoughts on “In Need of a Rainbow”

  1. Oh Jody, praying for a rainbow to appear soon. It’s extra hard when stuff like this happens around the holidays. My family is going through some medical stuff right now with my aunt and I just wish all of it would be better by Christmas but I know it won’t. I’ve been thinking of when Jesus calmed the storm in the boat with the disciples. He promised them they would go to the other side but He didn’t promise there would not be storms.

  2. We are still praying for you! Our pastor is preaching out of Numbers on God’s blessing: may the Lord bless you and keep you, may the Lord cause his face to shine upon you and give you peace, McComas family


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