Outdone Again

I’ve been outdone by Jenna’s preschool German class again. I think I’ve mentioned that Jenna takes German once a week at her preschool. The teachers are native German speakers, charge very little and it is amazing. I didn’t do it so she would be the smartest bi-lingual preschooler out there just so she would learn something new, have fun with it, and be challenged a little. Well, little did I know it’s also like craft day for the elite. The very first day she came home from class with a doll house made out of all kinds of household things I knew this was no average preschool German class.  It even has curtains, area rugs and wallpaper. See for yourself.

They made an amazing lantern one day, owls and bats for Halloween (which also have songs to go with them). This week she came out with a little present all wrapped up and she could hardly wait for me to open it. When I unwrapped it at home I found 5 ADORABLE tree ornaments that they had made as gifts for the parents. She said, “They’re dough ornaments!” Okay, you all just saw my dough ornaments that are super cute don’t get me wrong, but these, these are no ordinary dough ornaments people. They are light and fluffy, a beautiful texture with a glossy finish and have little decorative imprints on each one. They look like homemade marshmallows, little pillows of heaven just to hang on my tree.(Believe me, this picture does not do them justice)

And then to top off the craft perfection when we left German class that day they had been making Gingerbread “girl” (not boy according to Jenna) bread and Jenna’s came straight out of the oven to my hands. It was adorable, decorated with chocolate chips and almonds and piping hot. The smell alone made me swoon. It’s right leg was consumed before Jenna was even buckled in the car. Oh my, I need that recipe. I even bake bread at home with Jenna but I don’t do shapes or people out of it. What can I say, I’ve been outdone again. Well, played German class. Well played. Those teachers are certainly not payed enough that’s for sure.

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