That’s What She Said…….

I’m thankful that Matt takes Jenna on dates. Today they went to OMSI and had a great time (see the last quote and photo below). Isaac and I stayed home and did yoga. Well, I did yoga and he ran around laughing and threw toys at me.

I also just have to say that I’m thankful that the Ducks are getting schooled by USC at the moment. I’m sorry, I just can’t help but smile a little about that. Okay, on to That’s What She Said…….

“Mom can you juggle?” No I cannot. “Well dad can. Where did he learn it? Was he in the circus?”

We were trying to help her find something that started with an I for show and tell. I told her she could take something that irritated her. She said, “well Isaac irritates me sometimes but I don’t think he’d stay in the basket.” Hahahahahahahah! (The basket is where they put their show and tell until it’s time to share).

A conversation between Matt and Jenna:

M: What do you want to be when you grow up?

J: A mom and teacher.

M: You want to be something else like maybe a missionary?

J: No…….. moms ARE missionaries.

M: Great I better go get dressed for work now.

J: Yes you should because that would be inappropriate.

“Did you know the honey badgers are the roughest toughest animals in Africa? They scare even lions”  (I then had to look up a video about them and the first one I came to really made me laugh, although a bit inappropriate)

“I know the secret ingredient to honey, nectar.”

“Did you know that squid squirt black ink? You know like when creditors like shark are after them.” I suppose creditors are kind of like predators.

“I had so much fun playing with Natasha today and all her dolls. She has like a dozen of them.” Matt asked her how many are in a dozen and she said, “10+2” To which Matt shouted “Oh snap! I didn’t think you knew that yet.”

“Mom how come you didn’t get the power to build blocks from God?” I just don’t know why but I sure didn’t.

Jenna ran in from a daddy/daughter date from OMSI yelling “I played with acid!” Gotta love those science experiments.

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