Viral Awesomeness Guest Post

This is officially a guest post by the most awesome guy ever, my husband who is extraordinary at whatever he does and well groomed. I was too lazy today to write a blog post so I traded putting Jenna to bed for him to fulfill my daily quota of blogtasticness. He has a serious ministry blog over here….you should check it out. (full disclosure: guest post may have started at the beginning of this paragraph).

If you’re like my wife and I, Friday nights often get wild and crazy with entertaining viral youtube videos. In light of the theme of thankfulness, here are two that I thank the interweb for.

Parents pretending to eat all their kids Halloween candy. So good.


Hilarious Kid History series. Kids telling family stories and parents acting them out. This is episode four, feel free to search for the others.
Any other internet goodness I’m missing?

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