Their Pain Takes Me Back

My day that started with poo being flung around the room only got harder as the day went on. I was loading the kids up to head to the pharmacy for yet another prescription when the text came in. As I read the words my heart sank, my eyes filled with tears, and the sickness settled into the pit of my stomach. It read “We got terrible news today. We lost the babies. Please pray for us.” The heartache of losing babies is wretched. Even now tears stream down my face. I wish at times like this empathy wasn’t one of my strongest gifts. The ache for my friends is real and deep; for one, because I love them and two, I have been there.

Their pain takes me back to our own tragic day. Sitting in the doctors office waiting to be seen, praying that what you know in your gut isn’t really true. Then as you lay on the table for that ultra sound and you search desperately on the screen for that sweet baby to be there, to be healthy and you only get silence and then the painful words “I’m sorry…..” All goes numb at that moment and you fight back tears and wish that somehow you would wake up because it’s all just a bad dream. I remember the cold, white room on that bitter and dreary January day as if I sat there yesterday.

I pray for my friends to experience the comfort of a loving God and know that He cries with them and that He would overwhelm them with peace in a time of great sorrow. It makes me continue to cling to the fact that God is good even when our circumstances are not and that He is the one true source of life. If you too are walking through a heartbreak I pray that you too would know the love and comfort of Jesus and allow Him to take your hand and walk you through it.

2 thoughts on “Their Pain Takes Me Back”

  1. your words took me back too Jody, my first was a miscarriage and we also found out in an ultrasound. I’m so thankful neil was there with me, cause i fell apart! I will pray for your friends.


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