Flinging Poo, Literally

Isn’t it every moms nightmare to walk into your child’s room and see poop flung around? Yep, that’s how my day started. Let me share the story with you all.

I changed Isaac’s diaper and set it aside to deal with the nice treats inside of it after I got him dressed (because I use cloth). As we struggled to squeeze him into his onesie because he outgrows them so fast, got on the pants, and found some matching socks we were good to go. Then Jenna needed something so I left the room for a minute and upon my return I see IT. Oh dear Lord! I forgot to take the diaper to the toilet and dispose of the goodies inside and of course Isaac found it in that amount of time and decided to give it a whirl in the air. And well, there were many little poops in there (much like rabbit poop today for some reason) and now they were flung about. That wasn’t even the worst part, now I’m wondering “Oh dear God in heaven did he eat one? Or two?!!!” Oh the horror of it all. He of course seemed very unphased, happy as ever, wasn’t messy (thank you Jesus), and it was pretty easy to clean up. But the very thought of him possibly eating some of it will not leave my crazy mind. I guess only time will tell if he really did. Oh for the love.

Aren’t some days, ok maybe a lot of days like this? The poop flinging kind of days? I think they are, especially as a mom of little ones. I just keep praying, “Lord give me the grace I need today. Help me to honor you, love those around me and to learn to be thankful amidst the poo.” Amen.

Do you have days like this or am I the only one?

*And there’s our adorable little poop flinger at the park only about an hour after the “incident”. So cute.

3 thoughts on “Flinging Poo, Literally”

  1. Jody, my sisters did this very thing when they were about two only it was much worse…poop everywhere. On the walls, on the beds, they had a little painting party if you can imagine. My poor mom was horrified. But don’t worry, they are both 28 and functioning adults so there shouldn’t be any lasting effects. 🙂

  2. Evie did this last week but it was not dry rabbit poop and well yes she took two big handfuls and a very big bite. I nearly lost it while I cleaned her up. She was not happy either. Cloth is good except for when I forget to take care of the “goodies”. Oops! I hope that lesson was learned for both of us! I never comment but I love your blog! So glad that you are doing well in portland and praying for your house to sell back here in Bozeman!


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