God Makes Lemonade–Published After All (And a Giveaway)

As I’ve sat curled up in my chair reading my God Makes Lemonade book I’m touched one minute, encouraged the next, and as I turn the page I’m reaching for my tissue as my heart breaks. The theme in all of the stories is that God takes our lemons and turns them into lemonade. He takes things that are hard and uses them for good. They are about ordinary people who are surprised by unexpected sweetness in the midst of sour circumstances.

Ironically my friend Steffy is the one who edited all the stories in this book and the reason that I submitted my story in the first place. And now she is in the midst of her own incredibly hard lemonade story; one that is still being written.

My story, our story, and ultimately God’s story ended up being published in the book after some changes to the release form that I was at first hesitant to sign. I know that millions of people are published, but it’s a pretty cool thing to see God use my story and have it published in a book.

I would love to give away a copy of this book. So, if you would like to enter my FIRST blog giveaway, (and I think you should) then here are some ways to do that:

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  • leave a comment and share a story of your own. What have you seen God do in your life that started out as a lemon and turned to lemonade?

If you do all four you’ll be entered to win 4 times. Just let me know in my comments what you’ve done to enter. I’ll pick a random winner on Sunday evening and announce the winner on Monday Sept. 12th.

I would love to do a follow-up series and share some of your stories (with your permission of course) so please share them with me.

The book officially comes out in September but you could win an early copy right here. I highly recommend it!

**My friend Steffy has surgery in the morning at 7:30. Please pray for that miracle!

6 thoughts on “God Makes Lemonade–Published After All (And a Giveaway)”

  1. So cool to see the book in print! I’d love to win a copy:). My story is like yours (as you know) in most regards. God used the pain of infertility to lead us to the joy and privilege of adoption!


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