Laboring This Day in Prayer

Today I felt burdened again for my friend Steffy who recently found out she has a brain tumor. An aggressive one that has managed to weave it’s way throughout most of her brain. She goes in on Wed. for surgery and they’ll find out more then.

I grew up with Steffy’s family in Prineville and one of her sisters was my age and we were roommates in college. They are an incredible family, all of them.

I feel like I see these things far too often in life. It’s heart breaking to see a beautiful young mom of two sweet boys, a great husband and a family who loves her deeply walk a hard journey like this one. It’s just another reality that this life is broken and can be terribly hard. But I’m clinging to the fact that we serve a God who can do miracles and loves us more than we can imagine. Would you join me in praying this week for Steffy and her family? We’re all hoping for that miracle and clinging to the One who can deliver it.


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