Victory is Mine!

Oh Yes! Victory is mine today! I have been refunded $28 for a parking ticket–at the zoo! That’s right people, I got a parking ticket at the zoo. They apparently can ticket you at the zoo for parking over the yellow line. I didn’t even know this was possible and when I saw the ticket my head almost exploded. I know, some of you are surprised at that, but it’s true. My tire was about 2 inches over the yellow line and they ticketed me. In Montana I don’t even think people see those yellow lines, you can just park wherever (granted the ground is covered 8 months out of the year with snow). Not to mention the spaces at the zoo are made for compact cars, not vans, or SUV’s. And since the majority of patrons at the zoo happen to be moms of several children that makes total sense now doesn’t it? In fact just last week when we went I saw many moms ranting about the small spaces. How nice, I’m not the only one.

So anyway, I went home and speedily wrote my letter of appeal with MANY very good reasons they should give me my money back (because of course I had to mail it with a check). I was losing all hope that I had lost the battle because that was 3 months ago, but today was my day, a sweet check appeared in my mailbox.

It may be small but it sure made my day. So beware fellow zoo goers, do not park over the yellow line in those ridiculously small spaces or you too will have to write a letter while steam is pouring out your ears (unless of course you are more level headed than I).

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